6 Things To Look For When Choosing Your Glass Pool Fence Contractor

Pool fencing and safety barriers prevent people, especially young children, from entering the pool area and drowning, yet there are still a number of pools that fail to meet the requirements. Some pool fence operators miss out on the implementation of these requirements. Therefore, choosing the most capable pool fence installer/operator is paramount.

What must you look for in every pool fencing contractor ?

1.    Someone with comprehensive knowledge and adherence to current Australian pool safety requirements

An experienced pool fence contractor knows all the laws and guidelines governing his work. Those who fail to meet pool safety standards and laws will eventually face the consequences. It’s better to be on the front foot with a maintenance plan that meets all Australian Safety Standards.

A quality pool builder will know what fencing and safety codes apply in their local jurisdiction. An experienced pool fencing contractor will know what standards apply and will install a pool safety barrier to recognized AS1926.1 Australian Standards. You need to deal with professionals who really know what the local requirements are, know what kind of fence will work and how to install it so it truly complies – and that includes self closing hinges, approved locking mechanisms and understanding the need of special applications regarding retaining walls and climbing points. Pool equipment location is worth the pre planning if possible, sometimes moving a filter maybe only 1 metre one way or the other could be the difference of using standard height glass or needing a tall custom panel.

2.    An experienced team of pool fence operators and other professionals who will work on your pool surrounds

You wouldn’t think of using an unqualified electrician to do the wiring when you are building or renovating. Same with plumbing or gas.

So why wouldn’t you use a pool fencing fencing professional to complete your project with an expertly designed and installed fence where Child Safety is Paramount ?

3.    Someone who will put quality over profit

You need a glass pool fencing contractor who is meticulous and one who will not carelessly do shoddy work just to earn profit. A professional company will not use substandard materials to scrimp on costs. There are safety requirements a pool fencing contractor must meet and the finished look of the product is also just as important.

Because of the country’s current litigious environment, and to maintain a pool company’s reputation for top quality, it just makes good business sense to adhere to a high standard whenever one applies. And with a growing number of jurisdictions β€” from municipal to federal β€” adopting pool-safety codes that require fences, builders do not have the option of installing fences in whatever way they want to. As fences and safety precautions in general come under more scrutiny, the qualifications and experience of the fence installer may, too.

4.    Someone who is aware of all the latest and most modern pool fencing developments

There is a world of difference between a pool fence contractor who knows what he is doing, from another who has up-to-date knowledge on the newest and best pool fence developments – who actually applies them. Someone may be the best in installing wooden pool fences, but someone who recognizes the advantages and specializes exclusively in frameless glass pool fences may be more updated on modern techniques and materials and may, in turn, end up saving the client a load of money in upkeep.

5.    Quality of products

A quality glass pool fencing supplier who is confident about his products should be able to be backed up by material certification or a letter of compliance to prove you are getting what your paying for.

6.    Professional installers

Our current installers have been installing for us for just over 7 years. On top of their own personal qualifications and experience they also hold NATA Accreditation Compliance with installation codes exceeding Australian Standards AS 1926.1 – 2012 & AS 1288 – 2006 by incorporating concentrated load testing AS/NZS1170.1 – 2006, Clause 3.6 to their list of achievements. If you want your new pool fence to be installed professionally and on time look no further.

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