Glass fences have gained popularity because of their aesthetic beauty and ability to show you what is happening on the other side of the fence in an instant. It is the most beautiful pool fencing out there. It simply looks great around the pool area and gives you uninterrupted views to your pool. Glass pool fencing also provides wind breaks which makes it very comfortable in the pool in those windy days. You can be assured of not only securing your pool but also adding to the beauty of your pool area and your overall back yard.

But, are you interested in having a glass fence installed around your pool area but are worried that you might have a hard time cleaning it? Worry no more since it is really is easy to maintain and clean glass fences without having to spend too much time, effort and money.

Here are 5 things to remember in order to keep that glass pool fence shiny and looking new always.

Stay away from harsh glass cleaners.

If your fence has no Nano coating applied, then the best and cheapest cleaner is simple warm water and liquid soap (the kind that you use for your glasses and plates). Use a sponge to apply the soap and water on the glass just like you would when washing glasses and plates. A special note here is to ensure you have no sand on the glass which may have sprayed up during rain or sweeping, it is always best to gently hose the glass rubbing with your hand prior to putting any type of cloth or sponge onto the surface. Remove the soap suds by simply hosing it down with good clean water. For the glass panels and your safety door, you can simply leave them to air dry. For tough ground in bore or calcium stains we carry a product specifically designed for glass and granite cleaning.Preventative maintenance however to avoid staining or calcium build up is recommended.

Don’t forget the posts and railings!

If you have decided to install semi-frameless glass pool fences, it will have full height posts posts which will keep the glass in place. For the railings and posts, it is recommended that you use a slightly damp soft cloth or sponge to wipe it clean. If you have a microfiber cloth on hand, this is also good as it is not harsh enough to cause micro scratches on the surface of the powder coat. we only sell full frameless glass fencing systems however this is a guide for those choosing the cheaper style glass fence option.

Regularly clean

A thumb rule is to clean your fence once every 4-6 months for best result. This varies where you live and how dirty your glass pool fence gets. But the rule is, you should at least try to clean your glass fence and its attachments at least every 6 months to give it a longer life span.

Stubborn stains

If your rail or post is powder coated and it has a stubborn stain, manufacturers recommend that you use methyl-based mineral spirits or mineral-based turpentine to avoid damaging the powder coating. A quality Duplex 2205 mini post will not stain or rust so need very little to no maintenance to keep them shining for years to come.

Apply a protective coating on the glass

Apply a quality glass coating product to help prevent dust getting into the pores and to keep the glass cleaner for longer. Do this once every few years when applied on fresh new glass with the superior coatings, or every few months with the cheaper coatings like wax or Rainex.


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