3 Ways to Make Your Pool Area Look Beautiful

The first step to beautifying your pool area is to recognize your outdoor space as a potential design canvas.Take your pool area and beautify the area by adding a few simple designs and materials. The pool is in and now you need to decide the landscape and the type of decking you need.

Here are three tips on how to beautify your pool area:

Lead the eye towards the pool with these small tricks

Lead the eye from the house to the porch to the pool with pathways and statuary. Paint a runner on the porch floor leading from the door towards the pool; if you are the playful type, instead of a solid block of color, add personality and memories by painting your feet and walking along the path. Choose a different color for each family member. Build a stone, pebble, brick or grass walkway leading up to the pool. Place statues at the ends of pathways on top of columns. Re-purpose yard decorations such as tall urns and birdbaths for this purpose.

Separate outdoor space into “rooms.” Use fencing to define the edge of the yard and create a private space. Do not compromise safety for style; ensure the pool gate and yard fence are up to regional standards for pool safety.

Add a pool deck or lounge area/gazebo

If you want to create a deck area around your swimming pool then you can use different brick and granite tiles.Pool decking isn’t just for putting a trim around your pool. It’s a place of leisure where you can relax and take pleasure in the beautiful summer day. No real matter what style you prefer to have for the pool decking, you do need to be sure that it’s slip resistant.If you want to organize parties near your pool area then you can create a lounge area or a gazebo.  A pool deck can add atmosphere to your backyard and raise the value of one’s home immensely.

Add beautiful landscaping and pool accessories

Adding different landscaping options can really enhance the exterior of your simple swimming pool. Planting some trees and shrubs and adding some new furniture can also beautify your pool area. A slide and diving board option can really add some charm to your pool area. Water features like fountains and rock ponds can really cost you a fortune they would surely add an attractive appeal to your pool area. If you are interested then you can also create mini rock mountains at your pool area with the help of special flowers and rocks.

Whatever beautifying you want to do in your pool area, fix anything that needs repair: re-surface your pool, re-seal your decks and repaint exterior surfaces, including the house siding and exterior pool walls. Using decorations to cover flaws will only draw attention to the yard’s faults.         

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